Pocket Notebooks | List, Plan, Doodle | 5 Styles



These Pocket Notebooks are the perfectly sized solution to whatever your needs are!

Whether it’s for shopping, must-do tasks or cute little doodles, these Mini Pocket Notebooks are the perfectly-sized solution! No more digging to the bottom of your handbag or backpack to find a crumpled piece of paper and pen!

  • Ideas, to-do's & tasks swimming in your head? List it.
  • Big Day packed with events? Plan it.
  • Stressful mind? Doodle it.
  • Need a gift for a group/team/troop to get? Buy it.

Choose from (5) Styles: [inside content different for each, see in images]

  1. List It - Geo Preppy 'n' Pink
  2. Plan It - Poppin' Pinwheels
  3. Plan It - Simply Brilliant
  4. Doodle It - Sweets & Treats
  5. Doodle It - Rain-Boho

Item Specifications:

  • Total pages: 104 pages
  • Actual size: 6 x 4.5 x .5 inches 
  • Cover: Hard cover with water-resistant surface, wipe-clean
  • Elastic loop: .5 inches (Fits most pens - we suggest Pilot G-2 pens)
  • Bindery:  White metal twin coil
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